Dirty house music, tribal, progressive tech purveyor, Maurice Noah is an italian DJ, remixer and producer from Rome that currently pumps life into the nocturnal scene of Bologna, thanks to his residencies at Vicolo (Wednesdays), Corto Maltese and Kinki (Frydays).
His works as producer have been released under diverse names by labels such as IRMA, DIG IT , NEW MUSIC , DISCOMAGIC, EXTREME (Italy), TRIMUSIC (Spain), M.B.G. International (I), WICKED&WILD (Italy - remixes and co-productions with DJ H feat. Stefy, DJ Herbie and Alex B, several time in the Discomix TOP 50 and radio), ZYX (Germany), FLYING RECORDS (I), BMG (I), DANCE POLLUTION (I), BARKODE LOVE TRANCE, COMPASS, MASS MEDIA (Italy), JVC (Japan), DJ CENTER (Fr), RE>VOX (I).
In the last years his singles as Spacenoah find themself in the French club charts and become anthems in clubs like Space - Ibiza.

As a DJ he worked in several clubs and events all over Italy, such as: OPEN HOUSE (Milan), VIRUS (Foggia), OCEAN (near Venice), BLADE RUNNER (Bologna), EVENTO (Ferrara), J&J (Ferrara), CA' FRANCA (Como), LES BAINS DOUCHES (Bologna), OLD FASHION night (near Bologna), RUVIDO, VANGUARD, JAM CLUB (Bo), BABILONIA night (Nettuno - Roma), ECU (Rimini), STREET RAVE PARADE 2000 (Bologna), LE CHATEAU DISCOTHEQUE (Lyon-France), HYPE, VICOLO, KINKY (Bologna)...

TRANCEMASTER 29 & 30, IBIZA WORLD TOUR, DANCE PANIC 6, PARADISE IBIZA 2, TECHNO CLUB vol.14, VIRUS TEKNO 7, HARD TUNING are some compilations including DJ Maurice Noah's 2001-2002 productions (as Spacenoah and Warp Kidz)